Wild landscapes, sandy beaches, and white cliffs threw into the sea. So the coast of Agrigento appeared to Greek colonizers. They were so taken by the beauty of these places that they decided to found a colony that is still one of the most magical places of Sicily: Agrigento.

Founded more than 2500 years ago, Agrigento is a city with ancient hisfgiallotory, rich culture and countless monuments that bring old memories to mind.

Agrigento is also much more: a magical land, its beauty expands inland, in the nature reserves where flowers, plants and animals perpetuate the miracle of life under the warm sun of Sicily. A landscape dotted with ancient evidence of human presence, from the Greek colonization and the Byzantine to the medieval buildings and Norman castles.


The same magic that inspired the art and the works of great artists such as Goethe, Sciascia, Pirandello, Verga, that kisses each and every day the lives in Agrigento and their traditions.

There is no soul that is not touched by the richness of this land. Whether you are looking for an enchanting sea or you just want to explore a thousand paths of natural reserves. If you’re looking for history, art, culture, and traditions, the Agrigento territory will make you live pure emotions.