Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples

Located just 30km from Luna Minoica Suites & Apartments, Agrigento is a must for tourists who want to visit the art and culture of this area.

Just outside the city, at the ancient original town center of Agrigento, lies the Valley of the Temples. In 1997, the regional archaeological park was included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. In the archaeological park – the largest in the world with its 1300 hectares in size – you can see a number of important structures and temples in Doric style of the Hellenistic period. The exceptional state of preservation of the monuments makes the visit to the Valley of the Temples a unique cultural experience.

The city of Agrigento was founded in 580 BC.

The various dominations (Greek and Roman, Byzantine, Arab and Norman) have left their mark in the unique culture of the city: it is possible to walk the streets of the old town and admire the medieval buildings alongside Greek-Roman, medieval churches and palaces of the early 1900’s.