Torre Salsa

From the top of a small clay promontory, stands an old sixteenth-century tower, built to defend the coast from Saracen raids.

Around this witness of the past lies the Natural Reserve of Torre Salsa, managed by the WWF. An oasis of untouched nature, marked by chalk cliffs and limestone marl with the characteristic white color, covered with Mediterranean vegetation. Narrow paths lead to the crystal clear sea, full of fish and lush backdrops. On the coast that goes from Torre Salsa to Giallonardo turtles of the protected species Caretta Caretta lay their eggs in the summer.

The reserve covers 761 hectares, with a coastline length of about 6 km, where alternating cliffs, quiet dunes, and beaches are accessible through the narrow paths, by foot, and by mountain bike. Be enchanted by nature, by the flight of birds and the particular Mediterranean vegetation, unique in its kind.